What is the difference between adoption and foster care?

Answer Foster care is a situation where children are treated and cared for as a member of a family but they are legally a ward of the state and may retain a connection with their birth parents. Adoption m... Read More »

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If you are interested in becoming a foster mother why are you choosing foster care instead of adoption?

Until they reach the age of majority. In other words, unfortunately, a child may never be adopted and will remain in state's custody until he or she reaches adulthood. This answer of course relate... Read More »

Do you think that the lines between foster care adoption and infant adoption are blurred?

This is a great question, and it is something that frustrates me to no end. Newborn adoption and foster care adoption are two entirely different things, yet they are lumped together. The circumst... Read More »

How do you reverse adoption on a minor child with mental issues not disclosed before adoption from foster care system tha is destorying the rest of the family?

A child isn't a car if it was one of your natural children you could have it institutionalised so you can still do that any way.

What do you think about the new Foster Care and Adoption Bill ?

Because what most PAPS desire is a healthy infant, I am afraid that this will go the way of most things of its kind an increase the number of healthy infants being removed from their parents for bo... Read More »