What is the difference between chestnut&sorrel horse color?

Answer Horses not only come in many shapes and sizes, but also in many colors. One coat color that is frequently found is red, commonly referred to as chestnut or sorrel.Shade DifferencesChestnut is somet... Read More »

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What do you get when you cross a zebra&a horse?

The actual name of the resulting hybrid depends on which species sired the offspring. If the zebra sired the hybrid and the horse gave birth, then the foal is called a zorse, golden zebra, zebra mu... Read More »

What animal is closest to the horse besides the zebra?

Donkeys are closest to the horse. In the family Equidae, there are horses, three different kinds of zebras and three different kinds of donkeys (also called asses). In this family, there is only on... Read More »

Can you crossbreed a horse&a zebra?

Yes, a horse and zebra can reproduce together. The resulting hybrid usually has black or brownish and white strips like the zebra. Depending on which species sired the foal, the offspring may be ca... Read More »

Can you breed a zebra with a horse?

It is possible to breed zebras with horses. When this happens, the result is an animal called a "zorse." They are stronger than horses but are normally no larger than an average horse or pony.Refer... Read More »