What is the difference between a vga and hdmi cable?

Answer VGA cableCarries an analog video signal in the format red, green, blue, H and V sync signals and one or two data lines. It is typically used for computer displays but can carry video content. It is... Read More »

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Is there a difference between a $10 HDMI cable and a $100 HDMI cable If yes, then what are they?

Cables make a diference. But how much depends on the application, media, equipment, etc.. More detail on your exact application, would help to determine what you need, or are you a fomenter?

What's the difference between an HDTV componet cable or hdmi cable?

HDMI is digital with copy protection and 1080p, carries full surround digital audio, and back channel (for control of devices from TV remote), EDID (allows the TV to tell the device what it is capa... Read More »

What is the difference between 22awg and 28awg on hdmi cable?

HDMI cable is characterized by its performance rather than the lay up of the individual cables. The choice of a specific wire gauge makes no difference to the effectiveness of the cable. An approve... Read More »

Cheap hdmi cable or expensive hdmi cable does the quality make a difference?

HDMI is digital. it makes no difference at all.Traditional (S-video, Scart, compnent etc) are analogue, and yes it makes a big difference to get a reasonable (not 100's of pounds but tens) cable.T... Read More »