What to do if you cut a vein or artery in a finger?

Answer Apply direct pressure with a clean cloth to the wound to stop the bleeding. For severe bleeding, and espeically for an arterial bleed, transport to hospital -- it'll likely need sutures.

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Is there any differences between antibody level of artery and vein?

Which antibody?specify do u mean ABO OR Rh or any other.. But what exactly made u add thus question? Feel free to mail me at my profile mail address.

How do you stop the bleeding after cutting your vein or artery?

In the case of veins direct pressure should limit the bleeding, arteries will require a tourniquet in both cases a visit to the hospital for stitches is required. An alternate opinion: Most arter... Read More »

Where is the axial artery?

In humans, the axial artery, also called the axillary artery, supplies blood to the side of the upper chest, armpit and upper arm. The artery extends from near the first rib into the upper arm.Refe... Read More »

Where is the axillary artery?

The axillary artery is a large blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the thorax (upper chest), the axilla (the armpit area) and the upper arm. The axillary artery itself runs from just ... Read More »