Difference Between Palm Oil & Vegetable Oil in Soap?

Answer Vegetable oils are used in the production of soap. The oils come from the leaves, seeds and fruit of plants. Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil and, when combined with other oils, has chemical pro... Read More »

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What is a potato a fruit or a vegetable.?

What Is Better for You, a Vegetable or Fruit?

AVCF file is a vCard file. A vCard is a contact card, similar to an electronic business card that contains the sender's contact information. The sender may send the vCard as an attachment to an ema... Read More »

What is a tomato fruit or vegetable?

What is potato a fruit or vegetable?

The potato is definatly not a fruit because it is not derived form the ovule of a plant. It is infact a root. The definition of a vegetable is any edibal part of a plant therefore it actually comes... Read More »