What is the difference between a sun dried tomato and a sun blushed tomato?

Answer Answer I would guess that the difference would be that a sun blushed tomato (though I have never heard of it) would be a little less baked by the sun than a sun dried tomato.

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Can tomato seeds be dried&used again for plants?

Before drying tomato seeds, first squeeze the tomato through a 1/4-inch screen into a container and store for two days at 75 degrees F for fermentation. Pour off the top layer of scum, as fertile s... Read More »

Are dried leaves on a tomato plant from frostbite?

Since frost dehydrates plants and tomatoes require a lot of water, dried leaves may be the result of cold nights or frostbite. Dried leaves may also be a sign of drought stress. Dry, wilting leaves... Read More »

What is the conclusion of dried leaves as organic mulch in tomato plants?

Tree leaves draw minerals up from deep in the subsoil, and deposit them on the surface when they fall, where microarthopod "shredders", bacteria, fungi, and red compost worms break them down so the... Read More »

What do you need and what do you do to use dried papaya leaves as organic mulch for tomato plants?

Actually paddy is a monsoon crop, so it is mostly cultivated in monsoon regions of China, India and Bangladesh.