What's a squid!!!!!?

Answer octopus.

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Does anyone like squid and how do you like it?

How big is a squid's eye?

The eye size of a squid varies depending on what type of squid it is and how big the squid is. In 2008, scientists dissected a 34-foot-long colossal squid in New Zealand with an eye measuring over ... Read More »

Would you eat octopus?

YES, In a second....I had some last night as a matter of fact. I eat octopus and squid both. I have even had baby octopus which was still somewhat squirming on the plate. I am an American but ha... Read More »

What is a squid proxy?

Squid is a caching proxy for an Internet server that provides the website owner with a variety of helpful services. Using a Squid proxy reduces a server’s bandwidth load, improves response times ... Read More »