What is the difference between a sport coat&a suit coat?

Answer The key difference between a sport coat and a suit coat is that the latter has matching slacks. The sport coat is more versatile, spanning the gamut from casual to semiformal, while the more formal... Read More »

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Should you wear a suit or sport coat to an interview?

On One Hand: Look Like a ProfessionalA suit conveys professionalism, seriousness of purpose and respect for the organization and the people doing the interviewing. A suit is the universally accepte... Read More »

What is the difference between a sport coat&a blazer?

"Sport coat" and "blazer" are often used interchangeably to describe tailored coats worn with unmatched trousers. But there is a difference that traces back to these garments' origin in Britain.Ori... Read More »

How Long Should a Men's Suit Coat Be?

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How do I measure a man's sport coat?

Stand in a well-lit room wearing clothes similar to those you are most likely to wear under the sport coat. Wrap the measuring tape around your chest, slightly under your arms. Cross the tape over ... Read More »