How to Care for a Snail or Slug?

Answer Are you sick of pestering your parents for a dog or cat? Fish not good enough? Well Pet slugs and snails are perfect!

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How to kill snail/slug?

Snail/slug pellets is one way, another is to put crushed eggshells around the plants.You cna smear vaseline around the block, and also put a small dish of beer nearby (sounds mad, but they are tot... Read More »

How Do I Tell the Difference from a Male or Female Snail?

Male or Female Snail?Look at the aperture, or opening, of the snail's shell. In some species, the aperture will be larger in males than females. This is because the male snail has a large penial co... Read More »

What's the difference between snail mail and email?

your boss is in deep doo-doo having you around.

How much does a slug weigh?

I have seen slugs in our area (Seattle) that are barely visible (tiny) and others 8" long and as big around as my thumb. So, it can vary greatly. I would not like to have the slime on my postal sca... Read More »