What is the difference between a silencer&a suppressor?

Answer The terms are interchangeable. Suppressor is the preferred term, as no gunshot can be made truly silent. Hiram Maxim first marketed a suppressor in the 1909 or 1910, naming his invention the Maxim ... Read More »

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What i the difference between mac and normal pc's i want a mac but whats the difference?

What are the functions of a suppressor T cell?

Suppressor T cells, along with cytotoxic T cells and helper T cells, are part of your body's immune system responsible for helping you stay healthy.BackgroundT cells (also called T lymphocytes) are... Read More »

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What is a surge suppressor/emergency shutdown power strip?

A surge suppressor/emergency shutdown power strip is a panel made up of electric sockets that protect electronic devices from sudden spikes of electric current. These spikes can be caused by curren... Read More »