What is the difference between a silencer&a suppressor?

Answer The terms are interchangeable. Suppressor is the preferred term, as no gunshot can be made truly silent. Hiram Maxim first marketed a suppressor in the 1909 or 1910, naming his invention the Maxim ... Read More »

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How to Make a Suppressor?

A suppressor is commonly referred to as a silencer. It is a device that is added to a firearm to muffle the sound that it makes when a shot is fired. You can make a suppressor for a paintball gun w... Read More »

What are the functions of a suppressor T cell?

Suppressor T cells, along with cytotoxic T cells and helper T cells, are part of your body's immune system responsible for helping you stay healthy.BackgroundT cells (also called T lymphocytes) are... Read More »

How to Hook Up a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor?

The Boss NS-2 noise supressor is designed for use in an effects chain. Generally, the more effects within the chain (or the more any one effect alters the instrument's sound,) the greater the chanc... Read More »

Is a flash suppressor legal on a Mini-14?

Depending on what state you live in, a flash suppressor for the Ruger Mini-14 rifle may or may not be legal to own. Private ownership of suppressors is allowed in Alabama, Arkansas, Alaska, Arizona... Read More »