What is the difference between a server computer&a normal desktop computer?

Answer In an office environment, you may see both server computers and regular desktop computers. The two are quite similar in that both may run the same operating system (many servers run some version of... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between a Server Computer & a Normal Desktop Computer?

The differences between server computers and desktop computer range from the amount of memory each needs to fulfill its tasks to the need for peripheral items such as speakers and graphics.

What Is the Difference in a Desktop Computer & a Server?

Desktop computers and servers are important elements of the Internet; without them, parts of the world would come to a grinding halt. Servers store web pages and email messages while desktop compu... Read More »

Difference between server and network in computer term?

A server is a device on a network which manages resources. (It is a computer basically)A Network is a collection of things like servers, workstations, printers, etc., which are interconnected throu... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Dedicated Server & a Shared Server?

Web hosting is a service where the user places a website on the Internet. There are three types of servers a Web host can choose from to place the website: a dedicated server, a shared server or a ... Read More »