How can your mother's first cousin be your cousin once removed but also a cousin by marriage is also a cousin once removed?

Answer Your mother's first cousin is always your first cousin, once removed. That is at the core of what first cousins and removed cousins are. That relationship will never change; your mother's first cou... Read More »

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What if your cousin has a cousin does that make them your cousin once removed?

Your mother's sister's daughter is your first cousin. That cousin's father's brother's son is her cousin. There is no relationship between you and this cousin's cousin unless there is another famil... Read More »

What Relationship are you to your 4th great grandfather's cousin's 8th cousin once removed?

Of course she is. The two of you share a common ancestor in one or two of your great great grandparents. The granddaughter of your great grandmother's sister is your second cousin, once removed.

Are you closer blood wise to your second cousin or your first cousin once removed?

You are more closely related to your first cousin once removed than to your second cousin, but it has nothing to do with your blood.

Is your first cousin five times removed a distant cousin?

Yes, a first cousin five times removed would be seen by most people as a distant relative.Here's how it works:The child of your aunt or uncle is your first cousin.The child of your first cousin is ... Read More »