What is the difference between a saucepan&a saucier?

Answer There are cooks and there are chefs, sauce pans and sauciers. Do you really need both in the home kitchen? It's all a matter of personal choice and cooking style.Sauce PansSauce pans are a workhor... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between a Saucepan & a Saucier?

Though "saucier" and "saucepan" sound similar enough, the two pieces of cookware have a distinct purpose in the kitchen. A mnemonic to retain the definition of "saucier" is to remember its two mean... Read More »

What Is the Job Description of a Saucier Chef?

The saucier is the highest grade of chef de parti (station chef) in the traditional brigade-style set-up of kitchen staffing where there are different chefs for different types of cooking method or... Read More »

Whats difference between 16mm and 35mm and other mm in cameras i mean any performace difference ?

There are two meanings of "mm" in cameras.One is the size of the film in film cameras. The standard compact, SLR and disposable cameras used 35mm film. This had a frame measurement of 24mm x 36mm... Read More »

What is the difference between XBox and PS3 and what is the thing with the blue ray difference?