What is the difference between a router and a gateway?

Answer Many people new to networking concepts confuse the ideas of routers and gateways. For some this becomes even more confusing when the gateway is referred to as the gateway router. Often, the two are... Read More »

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Is a Gateway the Same As a Router?

Gateways and routers are networking hardware that enable one network to communicate with another. A router has one specific task, which is to forward data packets to an ultimate destination. A gate... Read More »

What is a gateway router?

A router allows several computers to use the same Internet connection. A gateway router is a router that requires a gateway address IP (Internet protocol) number to connect to the Internet. The gat... Read More »

Cant conect to my router with default gateway?

If you have a router your default gateway can not be a 77 series number. These are public IP addresses and can NOT be used on a local area network. So either your router is bridged in which case yo... Read More »

How to Install a Gateway Router With a Modem for Work?

Gateway is a well-known supplier of computers and computer peripherals, such as hard drives, wireless cards and networking hardware. Gateway has two different routers, the 802.11b and 802.11g wirel... Read More »