How do you make a rocket like the one Top gear had on a bike in their video- Rocket-powered bicycle - Speed - BBC or what would you call one of these?

Answer Erik Satie - Gnossienne No.1

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What does a nasa rocket and a whater rocket have that is the same?

They both have fuel. They both have to be stable. And they both have a nozzle.

What is a mobile missile?

A mobile missile is also referred to as an antiballistic missile. It is defensive missile used to intercept and destroy a missile in flight, before it reaches an intended target.References:The Free... Read More »

Is the multistage rocket the same as a rocket?

a multistage rocket is a rocket. a rocket could be a multistage rocket. all multi-stage rockets are rockets, but not all rockets are multi-stage. For example the space misstions. They are all multi... Read More »

Who can launch a nuclear missile in the USA?

The president of the United States is the only individual in office who may request the launch of an American nuclear missile. According to the Center for Defense Information, the device that contr... Read More »