What is the difference between burglary&robbery?

Answer Both burglary and robbery describe the act of stealing or intending to steal something belonging to someone else. The key difference between the terms has to do with how the burglar or robber commi... Read More »

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What is the difference between 1rst degree burglary and 2nd and 3rd?

If you want to format it with out using iTunes then go to setting on your iPhone then to general then to reset then select erase all content and settings it should ask you to enter your pass code t... Read More »

The Differences Between First Degree Burglary and Burglary?

There are three different degrees of burglary. While it would seem that first degree burglary would be less serious than third degree burglary, this is not true. In fact, first degree burglary is t... Read More »

How to Prevent a Robbery?

In today's tough economy, home invasions are sadly becoming more real. People are losing their items, and many may never see them again. If you don't want your house robbed, this guide will show yo... Read More »

How to Thwart a Robbery Attempt?

Having a burglar invade your home is one of the scariest things you could imagine. However, it is possible to thwart the burglary without letting harm come to your loved ones or yourself.