What is the difference between a quarter beef and a half of a side?

Answer The search for organic meats has increased the demand for wholesale beef. Before buying, it is important to know a little about the most common divisions: a quarter beef and a half of a side of bee... Read More »

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Roast beef poboy: best in French quarter?

I really don't know. But two days without an answer? Apparently no one else does either. Somehow my shame is eased. : - ))

The Size Chest Freezer Needed for a Quarter of Beef?

Buying meat in bulk, such as a quarter of beef, allows you to purchase a pasture-raised steer without growth hormones or antibiotics from a local farmer. Additionally, you can specify that the meat... Read More »

What is the very cheapest possible cut of beef money can buy (shin beef)(beef skirt)ect?

The cheapest cut of beef are those flank, shank, round and butt which is less than $2.00 a pound and even cheaper if on sale *

What is the difference between and are similar in many respects including the fact that is actually a subsidiary of EBay. Although they are two parts of one company, there are some differences between... Read More »