What is the difference between a plasma TV and LCD TV Which is better?

Answer LCDs are slightly cheaper than Plasma TVs. They are also about half the weight. It really depends on your budget and room. Plasmas start at 42" diagonal and LCDs start small: 15"I just purchased th... Read More »

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What is the difference between LCD & Plasma TV.Which is better?

Here is the comparison between both the technologies;LCD Display Advantages >>>>Good color reproduction,Good for brightly lit rooms,Very thin,Lightweight,Perfect sharpness at native resolution,No s... Read More »

What is difference in LCD TV, LED TV and PLASMA TV Which one is better ?

LCDGood: Bright Pic, No GlareBad: Some look dull at night, (dark's look greyish)Starting Cost: 32" @ 330, 40"@550, 52"@900PlasmaGood: Best all around pic, Smooth motion for fast movementBad: Some g... Read More »

What is the difference between lsd and plasma screens and which is the best?

lol i think you mean LCD not LSD but thanks for the laugh!

What is the difference between LCD and Plasma screen TV's Which is best?

depends what you watch, if fast moving ie sport gaming then plasma, due to the refresh rate. If you get a lcd and watch sport " lagging / ghousting " happens. which is an aftershadow.Also depending... Read More »