Sun Roof/Moon Roof Definitions?

Answer At one time, sunroofs were metal panels in the roof of a car that opened to let in light and air. Moonroofs were basically tinted windows in the roof of a car that let in light even when they were ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a flat roof and a pitched roof?

What Is a Moon Roof on a Car?

Power moonroofs are one of those things that sound like an interesting and expensive accessory, and they do tend to add value to a car. However, many people mistake the moon roof for a sunroof, and... Read More »

How to Fix Moon Roof Leaks?

A leaking moon roof can easily put a damper in your day when it rains. The leak is normally caused by a blockage in a water drain in the moon roof. Fixing the leak may be costly if you take it to a... Read More »

How Can I Put a Moon Roof on My Truck?

Moon roof and sun roof are interchangeable terms used to describe a window installed in the roof of an automobile. When planning a do-it-yourself moon roof installation there are two main projects ... Read More »