What is the difference between a meteor&a comet?

Answer A comet is a relatively small piece of ice or dust that travels through space. When a small particle of this comet breaks off and enters the Earth's atmosphere, scientists call it a meteor. Meteo... Read More »

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What Happens During a Meteor Shower?

If you observe the heavens on any given night, you will likely witness an occasional shooting star. However, on certain nights you can watch a steady stream of these objects streaking across the sk... Read More »

How to See a Meteor Shower?

There are many different ways to see a meteor shower. The most important thing is; location, location, location.

When will the iPhone 4 be available on the meteor network?

yes you can :) from like Verizon or at and t im pretty sure

How to Watch a Meteor Shower?

Anyone can watch a meteor shower from the comfort of their own backyard.Meteor showers are also known as "shooting stars" and they Originate when Earth passes near a comet's orbit and the debris pa... Read More »