What Is the Difference Between a Parable and a Metaphor?

Answer Both parables and metaphors have hidden meanings. A parable uses a story to convey a deeper message. Metaphors refer to one subject, while the actual subject is something else entirely. The structu... Read More »

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What is an ethnographic analogy?

An ethnographic analogy is a means of understanding archaeological sites or artifacts and the subject's use through watching existing cultures use similar items. By observing an object similar to t... Read More »

What Are the Six Types of Analogy?

Analogies are comparisons between two things which emphasize the similarities between those things, inferring that one is similar to the other based on common characteristics. Analogies are verbal ... Read More »

How to Create an Analogy?

An analogy is a linguistic tool used to shed light on a relationship, feature or situation by comparing it to another one which is usually more familiar. The purpose of an analogy is to create unde... Read More »

How to Compare Analogy Words?

For those taking college and graduate school entrance exams, analogies can feel like a cruel joke. The purpose of analogies is to test a person's understanding of the relationship between a pair of... Read More »