What is the difference between a male&female avocado plant?

Answer Avocado trees do not divide into male and female sexes. Rather, each tree produces flowers that alternate between being male and female.TypesAvocado trees can self-pollinate, but it's not easy beca... Read More »

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How Often Should I Water My Avocado Plant?

A stroll through any dollar store can turn up several items you can craft into entirely different items. Potholders and placemats are perfect examples. Turn a dollar potholder or placemat into a us... Read More »

How do I plant avocado pits?

Preparing Pit-Friendly Soil and LocationPrepare a planting location in a full-sun exposure with loose, nutrient-rich soil amended with compost, humus or perlite. Add sand if the soil is heavy with ... Read More »

How to Plant an Avocado Tree?

The next time you eat an avocado or use one in a recipe, save the stone or pit. Planting your own avocado tree is fun and easy. It is perfect for all ages - for the garden, for indoors and it also ... Read More »

How do I plant an avocado seed?

Prepare a 4- or 5-inch pot of fertile soil. Plant the seed so that the top is just barely above the surface of the soil. The seed must be planted immediately after eating the avocado for it to have... Read More »