What is the difference between a human and a chimpanzee?

Answer Chimpanzees are the closest animal relative to humans, and both share many similarities. But a few key differences set each species apart. About 99 percent of the genetic structure between humans a... Read More »

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How strong is a chimpanzee vs. a human?

Periodic violent attacks on humans, including one in 2005 in California, where a man was maimed by two chimps at an animal sanctuary, and one in 2009 in Connecticut, where a woman suffered life-alt... Read More »

Schools for Chimpanzee & Human Communication?

Scientists have studied language use in humans and in chimpanzees -- our closest relatives -- but some also explore how the two species communicate with each other. Research historically has focuse... Read More »

Differences in Chimpanzee & Human Brains?

The differences between human and chimpanzee DNA may uncover reasons why humans can walk upright, use language and read. Scientists have created a complex tool, the gene expression chip, which enab... Read More »

Would the heart from a chimpanzee, gorilla or a orangutan work if transplanted in a human?

In theory, but the human's immune system would quickly attack and destroy the animal heart because it would be too different.