What is the difference between a hex and an Allen wrench?

Answer Hex-head and Allen wrenches sometimes refer to the same type of tool, used for tightening or loosening screws of a certain type of socket. While their functions are similar and the terms can be us... Read More »

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Who invented the Allen wrench?

Contrary to popular belief, the hexagonal tip-shaped Allen wrench was not named after a person named Allen. Rather, it was named after the Allen Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut, whic... Read More »

How many sides does an allen wrench have?

An allen wrench has six sides. Most allen wrenches are L-shaped and both ends of the allen wrench can be used to turn the bolt. Allen wrenches come in various sizes.Source:Your Dictionary: Allen Wr... Read More »

How to Use an Allen Wrench to Remove a Brake Caliper?

When replacing the front brake pads on your car, you may notice that you do not have bolt heads on the back of the brake caliper. Some vehicles use Allen head bolt pins to secure the caliper to the... Read More »

How to Make an Allen Wrench Into a Turning Tool?

Woodturners who create small, intricate turnings, such as Christmas ornaments, face an ongoing challenge. Small, fragile pieces require a great deal of care; and woodturning tools you use for large... Read More »