What is the difference between a heat absorber and a heat reflector?

Answer heat absober absorbs heat & refelector reflect it

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What is the main difference between heat stoke and heat exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion is less serious than heat stroke. A patient's body was trying to cool itself by sweating but it lost too must fluid. Circulation changes so that the blood moves away from the major ... Read More »

What is the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion?

Heat ExhaustionHeat exhaustion occurs when the body is not able to maintain normal functions because of the excessive loss of body fluids and salts. In effect, the body is trying to protect itself ... Read More »

An Airman has collapsed on the flight-line because of the heat and you suspect it may be heat stroke Because of the severity of this type of heat emergency you must immediately?

Word? You're asking this? You were born in California, that's in America. You're cool. Go to the local government office that handles birth and death certificates and they can get you a copy of you... Read More »

Can i repair a broken reflector with glue or heat resistant tape?

On One Hand: Sure. Why Not?Sticking together two pieces of plastic is easy with the right kind of glue or tape. It's like doing a jigsaw puzzle and much less expensive than buying a replacement par... Read More »