What is the difference between a grandiflora rose and a hybrid tea rose?

Answer A hybrid tea is a more modern version of the grandiflora.

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Difference Between Rose Hip Seed Oil and Rose Hip Extract?

Rose hips oil and extract have been used for hundreds of years for many different purposes. Rose hips oil is excellent for the skin and is used for its anti-aging properties as well as for skin con... Read More »

What is a hybrid tea rose?

Picture a rose, a typical rose. If you're imagining a large, showy, fragrant flower on a long, thorn-studded stem, then you're looking at a hybrid tea rose, the most popular and iconic of flowers.A... Read More »

What is the hybrid tea rose named after?

The hybrid tea rose's name reflects its heritage as a cross between the tea rose and a hybrid perpetual rose, according to Colorado State University Extension. Hybrid perpetuals are re-blooming ros... Read More »

What is the hybrid tea rose Peace named after?

American rose grower Robert Pyle gave the Peace rose its name to express a desire for peace as World War II came to an end. Pyle's friend, French rose-grower Francis Meilland, developed the rose an... Read More »