What is the difference between a gaming mouse and normal mouse?

Answer Let me add to the good answers you've received already.Gaming mice and keyboards are usually more ergonomic, and have less input lag than a normal device. The input lag is key. With many devices,... Read More »

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What is the difference between the RAT 7 and the RAT 7 Contagion Gaming Mouse?

that is the only difference, the contagion is white and the regular rat 7 is black

What, if any, is the difference between a laptop mouse and a regular mouse?

Is there a difference between a PC mouse& a laptop mouse?

Essentially, laptop mice and PC mice are identical, as PC mice can be used on laptops and vice versa. Still, the two do have minor differences to match their formats. Laptop mice tend to be smaller... Read More »

A mouse is a mouse. more than one mouse is call mice. what do you call more then one mouse (computer mouse)?