What is the difference between a commercial bank&credit union?

Answer A credit union differs from a commercial bank in two areas. First, a credit union is considered a non-profit organization and does not have to pay federal taxes. Second, membership in a credit unio... Read More »

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Difference Between a Business Loan From a Credit Union and a Bank?

Starting a new business, or taking a current business to the next level, requires making wise choices. One of those choices typically includes where to seek a business loan. Potential entrepreneurs... Read More »

What is a credit union bank?

Like other financial institutions, credit unions accept and manage deposits of assets, while providing services such as loans and mortgages. However, credit unions differ from banks in several key ... Read More »

What is the difference between a commercial bank and a savings&loan bank?

Both a commercial bank and a savings and loan accept deposits. But they differ in terms of the loans they primarily make and in what institutions regulate their operation.GovernanceA savings and lo... Read More »

What is the difference between union and union territory?

The Union were those states that had not broken away to form the Confederate States of America.After the outbreak of war, Union territory included whatever Southern areas the Union forces had manag... Read More »