What is the difference between a comedy&a tragedy?

Answer Comic and tragic plots are integral structures found in literature. For centuries, they have been the basis for novels, plays, books and short stories. Aristotle established the format for both of ... Read More »

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Difference Between Drama & Tragedy?

Drama and tragedy are literary and theatrical genres that date back to ancient times but are still commonly used in modern forms of entertainment. Strictly speaking, tragedy is a form a drama that ... Read More »

The Similarities Between Tragedy & Comedy?

Although their final acts couldn't be any more dissimilar, classic tragedies and comedies share a wide range of similarities. In fact, other than the difference in the hero's fate at the end, well ... Read More »

Consider the spanish tragedy as a revenge tragedy Labeled?

Most definitely. It was the first of its kind, initiating the genre's popularity in Elizabethan drama.

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