What is the difference between new england&manhattan clam chowder?

Answer New England clam chowder has a cream base, while Manhattan clam chowder has a tomato base. Both chowders feature potatoes, often include salt pork or bacon (especially New England), and generally i... Read More »

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Oyster card related; If I buy the Weekly zones 1-3 travelcard on an Oyster, ...?

Yes.Weeklies are less of a bargain then Monthlies but obviously cost less at the time and there is no point paying for holidays etc. Since a travelcard includes all travel in the relevant zones and... Read More »

What is a clam's diet?

Clams feed on small plankton (drifting plants and animals), which are suspended in the water. The plankton are pumped into the clam, where they are filtered using the gills. They're then processed ... Read More »

How to Clam Bluegill?

Bluegill are common fish that reside in deeper water than other small fish. They are fun to catch and make great table fare. The bluegill will forage on a variety of baits, usually red worms, night... Read More »

What is a fat belly clam?

A fat belly clam is another name for a soft-shelled clam (mya arenaria). The clam is called a "fat belly" because the siphon (nicknamed the "snout" or "neck") is too big for the shell and hangs ove... Read More »