What is the difference between a chicken&a rooster?

Answer Raising roosters and hens can be an interesting and rewarding line of work. Chickens, more specifically hens, also lay eggs and can provide food for a family. Additionally, domestic poultry such as... Read More »

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Which is the rooster and which is the hen?

Roosters can be distinguished from hens after six weeks of age. Roosters develop a larger comb and wattles than females, but comb size varies by breed. Roosters have spurs, elaborate coloring, and ... Read More »

How to Tell a Rooster's Age?

Roosters are male chickens and can live for up to 15 years. The main way of determining a rooster's age during the first couple of years of life is by measuring their spurs. Afterward, it is almost... Read More »

Can a hen turn into a rooster?

According to the Poultry Club of Great Britain, it is possible for a hen to turn into a rooster, but the odds are one in 10,000. The transformation happens when one of the hen’s ovaries becomes d... Read More »

Rooster Crafts?

Roosters are part of the decor in country homes, bringing a cozy and welcoming feeling to any room. Make rooster crafts in natural or whimsical styles to add country charm to your home. Use a varie... Read More »