What is the difference between a cd player&a cd recorder?

Answer CDs, or compact discs, are a durable form of music storage and have been around for about 25 years. The machines made to play them have gotten smaller, more sophisticated and less expensive over th... Read More »

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Nero won't let me choose a different recorder other than image recorder, I need help to find out what's wrong?

If it keeps rejecting the CD you are attempting to write on, then try a different brand of CD. Make sure the CD is compatible with your hardware.I have had a whole stack of brand new CDs be totall... Read More »

What are the benefits of a blu ray recorder over a DVD recorder?

The Blu-Ray recorder is able to wirelessly broadcast content to compatible PCs and store data/video on a build-in hard disk. The DVD recorder as the name suggests can just simply write to a DVD wit... Read More »

What is the best blu ray DVD recorder?

I think this is the right way as I don't have a blue- ray player so this is my guess, attach the USB you got with it in the computer/ laptop in the USB hole (connect the other end into the blue- ra... Read More »

What is a dvr recorder?

A DVR, or digital video recorder, is a device that records video directly to a hard disk. They have become a popular alternative to VCRs, as the quality is much better and the recordings take up le... Read More »