What is the difference between a calf muscle pull&achilles tendon tear?

Answer Calf muscle pulls and Achilles tendon tears are two forms of injury affecting the lower leg. Each injury has its own specific location, causes and accompanying general symptoms.Calf Muscle PullCalf... Read More »

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How do I tell the difference between a male calf& a female calf?

Best Time to CheckCheck your calf's sex immediately after they are born. This is the easiest time to check because you are already hands-on with them, cutting their umbilical cord and helping them ... Read More »

What is the difference between a muscle car&a sports car?

While there are cars that may combine elements of the two, muscle cars and sports cars come from different philosophies of driving experience. These philosophies come from their origins--muscle car... Read More »

What is a calf muscle collapse?

A calf muscle collapse is also known as a pulled calf muscle. This particular type of strain is caused when the foot is twisted upward suddenly causing the calf muscle to stretch beyond its normal... Read More »

What is the calf muscle called?

Two muscles comprise the calf or lower leg. The larger is the gastrocnemius along the back of the leg. It extends from above the knee cap to the heel. The soleus muscle is lower and in front of the... Read More »