What is the difference between a bridge&an implant for teeth?

Answer If you have lost teeth due to trauma or extraction, bridges and implants offer more than cosmetic benefits; they also maintain the position of your teeth and the stability of your bite. Deciding wh... Read More »

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Can your wisdom teeth become infected while they are surfacing and if so how can you tell the difference between the pain from wisdom teeth surfacing and infection?

Answer: Clarification: 1.Does the infected wisdom teeth mean the wisdom tooth had a cavity while it was partially erupting and that there was no means for the tooth to be cleaned properly because m... Read More »

Difference Between Canine & Molar Teeth?

Teeth are among the most identifiable and distinguishing features in mammals. They come in different shapes and forms to achieve different goals. They are directly linked to what an animal eats: fo... Read More »

What is the difference between a root canal and having wisdom teeth removed?

A root canal would almost never be done on a Wisdom Tooth. But it is when they open the top of the tooth and remove all of the nerves in the roots. They leave the roots and fill them with a special... Read More »

Do Teeth Gap Teeth Effect Bands really work even for really big gaps and will the gap return if you have a piece of skin between your teeth that people usually have cut in surgery?

I am going to try teeth band effect but I just left my dentist yesterday and she informed me my only way to close my gap is through an orthodontist to get braces or invisalign. I had braces because... Read More »