What is the difference between a boa constrictor&a python?

Answer Pythons and boa constrictors are some of the largest snakes on the planet. The snakes share many similarities, including the method with by which they dispatch their prey. Distinct differences, how... Read More »

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How do I tell the difference between a female& male python?

Cloacal PoppingUse cloacal popping to sex newly-born hatchling pythons. Place your thumb underneath the base of the tail, with your thumb tip on the hatchling python's anal scale. This is located j... Read More »

Can anyone tell me how to fix this on python?

Even if you are using Python 3, there's another step you'll have to perform to add two numbers.raw_input() in Pyhton 2 is the same as input() in Python 3. They both return a string, not integers. S... Read More »

How to Run Python?

Python is an open-sourced, high-level programming language. Because the language uses a Python interpreter that converts Python source code to machine code the specific operating system can underst... Read More »

Python vs. C++, which one?

If those are your only two choices for a programming language at this time, then I definitely would say learning "C" is your better choice. There is much more of a demand for good C Programmers (C+... Read More »