What is the difference between seeing a girl in undies and bra instead of bikini?

Answer Society says you're usually not supposed to see a girl in her bra and panties, but it is appropriate for her to be seen in a bikini swimsuit. The funny thing is, I would bet that a lot of bikinis o... Read More »

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Difference Between Brazilian & American Cultures?

Brazil and the United States share one common bond: Both cultures have greatly benefited from the rich mixture created by the diverse peoples who shaped their history. From the very inception of bo... Read More »

Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

Brazilian bikini laser hair removal is a permanent way to remove unwanted pubic hair. It's one alternative to shaving and waxing, which are temporary solutions. The best candidates for Brazilian b... Read More »

Differences Between Russian and Brazilian Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a very rare gemstone of the chrysoberyl family. Named for the Russian czar Alexander after its discovery near emerald mines in the Ural mountains in 1934, it became very popular wit... Read More »

What i the difference between mac and normal pc's i want a mac but whats the difference?