What is the difference between a Cat 5& Cat 6 patch cable?

Answer For networks with speeds lower than 1 GB/s, the speed provided by Cat 5 (Category 5) cables is sufficient. Cat 6 (Category 6) cables provide higher performance for applications running at 1 GB/s. C... Read More »

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Whats the difference between a patch cable and an ethernet cable?

Same thing.A 'patch' cable is generally shorter as it's used to make the small jump from the switch to the distribution board, or the floor socket to the PC.But, mechanically they are exactly the s... Read More »

What is the difference between a cross over cable&an ethernet cable?

Visually, Ethernet and crossover cables are similar in design, but each has a different use.PurposeAn Ethernet cable connects network devices such as modems with a computer using an Ethernet protoc... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Ethernet & Patch Cables?

Ethernet and patch cables are usually referred to interchangeably, although there can be differences between the two. A patch cable is a generic term that can be used for multiple types of cabling ... Read More »

What exactly is the difference between using an S-video Cable and the yellow av component cable?

First of all, remember that PS2 doesn't do 1080i or any other flavor of HD - but you'll still get a slick picture on your TV.Color video is made out of red, green, blue, and synchronization signals... Read More »