What is the difference between a CD& a saving bonds?

Answer After building up an emergency fund, many savers will consider various options for investing their additional cash. A certificate of deposit, also known as a CD, and a savings bond are two safe opt... Read More »

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Can I Get SSI If My Wife Has Saving Bonds?

The Supplemental Security Income program of the Social Security Administration pays cash benefits to the disabled and elderly who have limited resources and income. To qualify for SSI, applicants m... Read More »

Estate Treatment of Saving Bonds?

Savings bonds allow you a simple way to invest for the long-term without the volatility of investing in stocks. Savings bonds pay a fixed rate of return on your money. These bonds are purchased eit... Read More »

Is interest on saving bonds taxable?

Interest on savings bonds is taxable. However, you have the option to pay taxes on the interest as it accrues each year or to defer the interest until it is paid out when the savings bond matures.R... Read More »

How do I cash in United States Saving Bonds?

Determine OwnershipRefer to the face of the bond to determine the owner. If the bonds are yours, cash them in at any bank or the Treasury Direct website. At a bank you'll need to show proper identi... Read More »