What year were Wheat Thins introduced?

Answer The name "Wheat Thins" was trademarked in 1975, and the snack cracker was introduced to America shortly thereafter. The popularity of Wheat Thins continues to grow, and Nabisco now offers over 20 f... Read More »

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Are Wheat Thins vegan?

A vegan is a strict vegetarian that consumes no animal or dairy products. Wheat Thins are boxed crackers made by the Kraft Foods company that are available in a variety of flavors. According to Peo... Read More »

When were Wheat Thins created?

The original Nabisco Wheat Thins Crackers, a popular snack cracker owned by Kraft Foods Global Brands, LLC, were trademarked on February 28, 1975. Wheat Thins are now available in 14 varieties.Ref... Read More »

Do Wheat Thins contain hydrogenated oils?

Although the words "hydrogenated oils" do not appear on the Wheat Thins ingredient list, the ingredient is used during the manufacturing of the snack crackers. The ingredient list includes "soybean... Read More »

What is the difference between maida and aata ( wheat )?

We get maida (flour) from wheat after the outer layer is removed. Atta is whole wheat flour.The outer brownish layer is removed from the wheat and the inner white portion is used to make maida flou... Read More »