What is the difference between Veg Ghee and Non Veg Ghee ?

Answer Real Ghee is veg ghee which is made from the milk of mammals especially cows, Non-veg ghee is made from the fat of dead animals and is NOT real ghee, i believe it is mostly made from pigs or someth... Read More »

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What is the difference between ghee&butter?

Ghee is the butterfat which remains after water and milk solids have been removed from butter. Ghee is used for culinary purposes and remains a cooking oil staple, primarily in India.GheeBecause mi... Read More »

Difference Between Ghee & Canned Butter?

Ghee and canned butter are both derived from the common sticks of butter you find in a typical grocery store, but they are two different products with two different applications in the kitchen. ... Read More »

What is Indian ghee?

Also known as Indian clarified butter, Indian ghee does not contain any trans fats or hydrogenated oils. Gluten-free and requiring no refrigeration, Indian ghee adds a unique taste and aroma to man... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Cow Ghee?

Regularly referred to as a golden elixir of healing, ghee has been revered by Indians for centuries for its health properties. Ayurveda, an alternative medicine philosophy developed in India, sugge... Read More »