What is the difference between Veg Ghee and Non Veg Ghee ?

Answer Real Ghee is veg ghee which is made from the milk of mammals especially cows, Non-veg ghee is made from the fat of dead animals and is NOT real ghee, i believe it is mostly made from pigs or someth... Read More »

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What is the difference between ghee&butter?

Ghee is the butterfat which remains after water and milk solids have been removed from butter. Ghee is used for culinary purposes and remains a cooking oil staple, primarily in India.GheeBecause mi... Read More »

Difference Between Ghee & Canned Butter?

Ghee and canned butter are both derived from the common sticks of butter you find in a typical grocery store, but they are two different products with two different applications in the kitchen. ... Read More »

Where can you buy ghee?

Ghee can usually be found in the South Asian section of most major supermarkets and grocery stores. It can also be purchased online, and at store that specializes in products from India.Source:Food... Read More »

How much fat is in ghee?

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is used as a healthy cooking oil because it is made up essential fatty acids. Ghee contains about 65 percent saturated fat, 25 percent monounsaturated fat and ... Read More »