What is the difference between Southern and Northern US food?

Answer im a southern cook, so i can help you out with that more than northern. southern got a lot of its staples from native americans and africans. There are many staple dishes that came from people li... Read More »

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What is the difference between northern american and southern american barbecue?

This is a good article:Central Texas BBQ DynastiesWhat Becomes a Legend Most?BY VIRGINIA B. WOODBarbecue is everyman's chance for culinary greatness, where cheap cuts of meat like pork butts, beef ... Read More »

Which hemisphere has more water, the Southern or the Northern?

The Southern Hemisphere has more water than the Northern Hemisphere. Because of this, the Southern Hemisphere does not heat up as quickly as the Northern Hemisphere from the sun's rays. Since the S... Read More »

Which hemisphere has more water: the northern or the southern?

The Southern Hemisphere has more water. About 75 percent of the Southern Hemisphere is covered by water, including the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. About 45 percent of the Northern Hemisphe... Read More »

Is Australia in the northern or southern hemisphere?

Australia is in the southern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere lies south of the equator and includes all of Australia and Antarctica, most of South America, the southern third of Africa and Indo... Read More »