What is the difference between Red cooking wine and dry red wine?

Answer IF you couldn't find dry red wine, you weren't in a liquor store worth shopping at. Cabernet works. Cooking wine has a load of salt in it, so cut whatever salt the recipe calls for.

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If I put one cup of red cooking wine into beef stew will you be able to taste the wine?

No, the alcohol cooks off. The wine will enhance the flavor.

What's the difference of cooking with red and white wine?

There is definately a flavor difference. Also, red wine would make a cream sauce pink, which isn't very appetizing.The biggest difference in red versus white wine is in how long they leave the gra... Read More »

Can i use wine in substitute to cooking wine?

My advice is to only use wine. Cooking wine does not make good flavor.

Can red cooking wine be used in place of dry red wine?

"Dry" wines are fermented until all the natural sugar is gone. Red cooking wine available from the supermarket, though not sweet, is low on flavor, high in acidity, and salty. You can substitute re... Read More »