What is the difference between National guard and the coast guard?

Answer The Coast Guard is a fully federal force, assigned with the enforcement of maritime law and security. The National Guard is a partially state organized force (although ultimate authority rests wit... Read More »

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If you join the coast guard and your husband is in the national guard will you be separated?

Separation in the military (used to be) SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). The US military is not "as military" as it used to be; it's nearly half law enforcement and half the Coast... Read More »

Is the national guard and coast guard the same as the marines?

No. All 3 are different have have particular duties to perform.

Are the coast guard and the national guard the same thing?

Is the coast guard a branch of the national guard?

no it is not, its is it own branch of service, funded completely by the U.S. government. Not like the national guard the has state influence. Actually, the Coast Guard is under the Dept. Of Transpo... Read More »