What is the difference between Miralax& Metamucil?

Answer Miralax and Metamucil are supplements intended to help relieve constipation. While both have effects on bowel movements, they work in different ways. Both are available over-the-counter in the phar... Read More »

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Is miralax safe during pregnancy?

Anything your partner does after you have already become pregnant will not affect your baby, unless they pass along an STD/STI -- your body closes the area the baby is in, off from the rest of the ... Read More »

Dulcolax or miralax for constipation?

Laxatives are unhealthy and unnecessary if you eat the right foods.Miralax is probably better than Dulcolax as it seems to be more commonly prescribed.You probably need to improve your diet as you ... Read More »

What is Metamucil?

Metamucil is a brand of fiber supplement made from a plant called Psyllium. It comes in different forms, such as powder and pills. Metamucil, and fiber in general, can help with certain health cond... Read More »

Constipation and I think my Dr. prescribed a high dosage of Miralax, will it make me sick?

If she prescribed it, I'd just follow what she instructed you to do. Miralax can't make you throw up :D