What is the difference between Maxican tortillas and Indian Chapatis (roti)?

Answer Rotis are always made with wheat flour, water and salt. Tortillas can be made with different flours and often feature other ingredients like spinach or tomato. You should able to get frozen, pre-co... Read More »

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How to make maxican eggless tortilla at home without microwave or oven?

Tortillas don't have eggs.Flour tortillas use regular flourCorn uses corn masa flour and a bit of regular flour for bindingNo rice flour in traditional tortillas.

Difference Between Arabic & Indian Henna?

Henna is a plant from which a dye is made and used as a cosmetic art form. The decorating of skin with henna has been around for thousands of years. The application of henna as skin decoration orig... Read More »

The Difference Between Chinese & Indian Jade Stone?

Jade has been used by man for over 7,000 years and enjoys a long history in both China and India. The word jade, derived from the Spanish term for loin stone, "piedra de ijada," describes two diffe... Read More »

Difference between south and north Indian food cuisine?

The biggest difference would be the heat of curries, they are far stronger and hotter in the south.As there are so many different cultures there is a huge range of differences.Dune