What is the difference between HDMI and S video?

Answer There are three differences:S-video is an analog connection while HDMI is digital and carries audio as well as video signals.HDMI cables can carry a wide range of SD and HD signals while S-video is... Read More »

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Difference Between HDMI & Component Video Cables?

HDMI stands for “High Definition Multimedia Interface.” It has become the go-to cable connection for home entertainment systems and similar electronics. Earlier component video cables offered ... Read More »

What is the difference between HDMI and Xbox HDMI cables?

If you are attempting to plug an Xbox 360 into a flat-panel television, you may have noticed that Microsoft sells its own branded cables. You may be wondering: What is the difference between those ... Read More »

Is there a difference between a $10 HDMI cable and a $100 HDMI cable If yes, then what are they?

Cables make a diference. But how much depends on the application, media, equipment, etc.. More detail on your exact application, would help to determine what you need, or are you a fomenter?

What is the difference between a dvi&hdmi?

Both DVI (digital visual interface) and HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) are digital connections common in home and professional entertainment systems, but HDMI is the successor of DVI a... Read More »