What is the difference between English walnut& California walnut?

Answer The English walnut (Juglans regia) and the California walnut (Juglans californica) are two species of walnut tree found in different parts of the world.BarkThe English walnut's bark is light gray a... Read More »

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How big is an English walnut tree?

The English walnut or Juglans regia can reach heights of up to 60 feet, according to Virginia Tech University. The top, or crown, of the tree can reach widths of up to 60 feet as well.References:Vi... Read More »

How to Trim English Walnut Trees?

The English walnut is a tree with a dual purpose. The tree may be used to grow edible nuts or wood for strong building materials. Depending on the eventual use of the tree, pruning will be differen... Read More »

Companion Plants for English Walnut Trees?

English walnut trees (Juglans regia) produce a substance called juglone that inhibits the growth of many, but not all, other species of plants in nearby proximity. English walnut trees emit juglone... Read More »

Fruit Cycle of an English Walnut Tree?

The English walnut (Juglans regia) originated in central Asia--not England--and is also known, less commonly if more accurately, as the Persian walnut. In addition to producing a highly prized hard... Read More »