What is the difference between Dyson Animal& Dyson All Floors?

Answer The primary difference between the Dyson Animal and Dyson All Floors models is cost and a single vacuum attachment. In every other way, they are the same.All FloorsThe Dyson DC25 All Floors model ... Read More »

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How Do I Use Dyson Vacuum Animal Attachments?

You may consider your animal your best friend, but cleaning up after it isn't always an easy task. Dogs and cats shed hair on the carpet, furniture and clothing. Dyson makes a line of vacuum cleane... Read More »

Vacuum cleaner recommendations Dyson 14 Animal?

I own a DC07 Animal and it has been the best vacuum I ever owned. I have a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (big time shedding), a Great Dane, and four cats... carpeting and wood floors throughout. I'm s... Read More »

What did James Dyson invent?

James Dyson invented the Dyson vacuum cleaner, which uses cyclone technology to prevent it from clogging or losing suction. Dyson was born May 2, 1947, in Norfolk, England, and invented his vacuum ... Read More »

What year did the dyson vacuum come out?

Uh, you might of vacuumed them up while you were vacuuming...they mighta fallen off the table and then you vacuumed them up. Hope I helped....