What is the difference between DivX and XviD?

Answer Xvid and Divx are both Mpeg-4 codecs. Divx is made by the Divx company, and Xvid is open source. They are both similar in encoding quality, with Xvid getting the nudge. Xvid also encodes faster.... Read More »

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Are xvid&divx the same?

Xvid and DivX, two competing programs, do the same thing. Both are codecs, programs that compress video files to make them easy to manage and download.DivX HistoryDivX, Inc., created the DivX codec... Read More »

If i purchase a dvd player that is compatible to play divx files,will it also play xvid and avi files?

Most good DVD players do play avi files, just look for a folder that says "Plays Windows Media" on the box!

How to Put a DivX Movie on a CD to Watch on a DivX DVD Player?

DivX is a popular video codec for video distributed online and home movies created on your computer. When standalone DVD players were first created, many could not play DivX files, but, during the ... Read More »

What is Xvid?

A video codec, such as Xvid, is a piece of software or hardware that compresses/decompresses digital video files. They work behind the scenes to enable you to play video on your computer.Definition... Read More »