What is the Difference Between USB Plus & USB 2?

Answer If you've wondered whether USB Plus and USB 2 are competing technologies, the answer is no. In fact, the two are not directly comparable. USB 2.0 is a successor to the old USB 1.1, and is often cal... Read More »

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What are the plus minus numbers in measuring periodontal disease?

The typical numbers used in assessing periodontal disease are depth of the periodontal pocket or sulcus. These are measurements (in millimeters) from the top of the gums to where the gums attach to... Read More »

What is difference between ipad2 wifi plus 3G and blackberry playbook?

How Do I Know If My Burner Is Plus R or Minus R?

Back in the days of consumers watching videotapes, VHS and Betamax were competing formats. The tapes came in different sizes and they were incompatible with each other's players. Video stores had V... Read More »

Difference Between Ti-86 & Ti-83 Plus?

The TI-86 and TI-83+ are two models of graphing calculators from Texas Instruments. Graphing calculators are commonly used by high school and college students for classes involving advanced math su... Read More »